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These nail products cater to specific needs and techniques involved in different types of manicures, providing a comprehensive toolkit for nail technicians and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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  1. Nail Polish Remover: To clean and prep the nails before applying new polish.

  2. Nail Clippers: To trim nails to the desired length.

  3. Nail File: To shape and smooth the edges of the nails.

  4. Cuticle Pusher: To gently push back the cuticles for a neater appearance.

  5. Cuticle Nipper: To trim excess cuticles and hangnails.

  6. Base Coat: To create a smooth surface for nail polish application and protect the nails from staining.

  7. Nail Polish: In various colors and finishes, depending on the desired manicure look.

  8. Top Coat: To seal and protect the nail polish, providing shine and extending wear.

  9. UV or LED Lamp: For curing gel polish in gel manicures like Shellac.

  10. Gel Polish: For gel manicures, providing long-lasting color and durability.

  11. Acrylic Powder and Liquid Monomer: For creating acrylic nail extensions or overlays.

  12. Nail Forms or Tips: To shape and lengthen the nails when applying acrylic or gel extensions.

  13. Acrylic Brush: For applying and shaping acrylic powder and liquid.

  14. Acrylic Primer: To promote adhesion and prevent lifting when applying acrylic nails.

  15. Nail Drill or Buffing Block: For shaping, smoothing, and buffing acrylic or gel nails.

  16. Cuticle Oil: To moisturize and nourish the cuticles and surrounding skin.

  17. Nail Art Tools: Such as brushes, dotting tools, and stamping plates for creating nail art designs.

  18. Nail Polish Thinner: To revive thickened nail polish or gel polish.

  19. Nail Strengthener: To fortify and protect the nails, especially after removing acrylic or gel enhancements.

  20. Nail Drying Spray or Drops: To speed up the drying time of nail polish and prevent smudging.

  21. Gel Base Coat: Specifically formulated to adhere gel polish to the natural nail and provide a smooth base.

  22. Gel Top Coat: A glossy top coat designed to seal and protect gel polish, providing long-lasting shine.

  23. Gel Cleanser: Used to remove the sticky residue left behind after curing gel polish.

  24. Gel Polish Remover: A specialized remover formulated to dissolve and remove gel polish safely.

  25. Nail Dehydrator: Applied before gel or acrylic application to remove excess oils and prep the nail surface for better adhesion.

  26. Nail Primer: Used before acrylic or gel application to promote adhesion and prevent lifting.

  27. Nail Forms: Used to sculpt and shape acrylic or gel nail extensions directly onto the natural nail.

  28. Acetone: A solvent used for removing acrylic nails, gel polish, and other nail enhancements.

  29. Nail Wrap: Thin adhesive strips or sheets used to reinforce weak or damaged nails.

  30. Nail Cuticle Cream: A moisturizing cream applied to the cuticles to soften and hydrate them.

  31. Nail Barrier: A liquid latex or tape applied around the nail to protect the skin during nail art application.

  32. Nail Adhesive Tabs: Double-sided adhesive tabs used to temporarily adhere artificial nails or nail art.

  33. Nail Polish Corrector Pen: Filled with nail polish remover, used for precise removal of polish mistakes.

  34. Nail Strengthening Base Coat: Formulated with strengthening ingredients to fortify and protect weak nails.

  35. Nail Growth Serum: Applied to the nails to promote healthy nail growth and strength.

  36. Nail Whitening Pencil: Used to whiten and brighten the underside of the nail tips.

  37. Nail Scrub Brush: Used to gently exfoliate the nails and surrounding skin during manicure preparation.

  38. Nail Dust Collector: A vacuum system used to capture and remove acrylic or gel dust during filing and shaping.

  39. Nail Prep Solution: Used to cleanse and dehydrate the nail surface before applying enhancements.

  40. Nail Forms Holder: A stand or holder to secure nail forms in place during acrylic or gel application.

  41. Nail Drill Bits: Attachments for electric nail drills used for shaping, filing, and buffing nails.

  42. Nail Foil Transfer Gel: A specialized gel used to apply nail foils for intricate designs.

  43. Nail Foil Transfer Sheets: Thin sheets of foil with various designs used for nail art.

  44. Nail Stamping Kit: Includes stamping plates, stampers, and scrapers for creating detailed nail art designs.

  45. Nail Stickers and Decals: Pre-made stickers or decals used to create quick and easy nail art.

  46. Nail Dip Powder System: Includes dip powder, activator, base, and top coat for a dip powder manicure.

  47. Nail Cleansing Wipes: Used to remove dust, debris, and excess product during and after manicure services.

  48. Nail Sculpting Forms: Disposable forms used to create custom-shaped acrylic or gel nail extensions.

  49. Nail UV Gel Builder: A thick gel used to build and sculpt nail extensions with UV or LED curing.

  50. Nail Drill Machine: Electric machine used by professionals for precise nail shaping and filing.

  51. Nail Lint-Free Wipes: Non-fibrous wipes used for cleaning nails and removing residue without leaving lint.

  52. Nail Edge Trimmer: Tool used to trim and shape the free edge of the nails for a clean and uniform appearance.

  53. Nail Primer Pen: Portable pen applicator for applying nail primer with precision.

  54. Nail Dust Brush: Soft brush used to sweep away dust and debris from the nail surface.

  55. Nail Soak-Off Caps: Caps or clips used to secure cotton pads soaked in acetone during gel polish removal.

  56. Nail Foil Glue: Adhesive specifically designed for applying nail foils with ease and precision.
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